Soil Remediation

application-in-fields-latamWhere the organic consist of the soil has been destroyed or seriously injured, humate is being explored as a solution to bring back life to the soil. A number of businesses and entities are experimenting with the invigoration and rebirth of the soil through the addition of humate. The organic nature of humate and the bacteria content are all positive aspects which may re-awaken dead soils. Pollutants, including pesticides and herbicides in our agricultural environment can be strongly acted upon and governed by organic substances. Humic and fulvic materials experience a high degree of re-activity to various compounds. They are capable of reacting with a variety of natural metals, minerals and synthetic and organic compounds. There have been serious scientific studies which suggest that humic and fulvic substances react with herbicides in soil promoting improved soil conditions for plant growth. Similarly, humic and fulvic materials can react with pesticides to promote soil condition and remediation. Indeed, there is some thought that these reactions and the process associated with them may lead to degradation of insecticides and partial degradation of some pesticides. The result is that humic and fulvic substances may be in a position to partially repair environmental organic problems. The toxic effect of the substances may thereby be reduced and the toxic effect of these harmful chemicals may be partially or totally eliminated. Oil pollution problems may also find a partial remedy especially with fulvic acids which may dissolve some of the oil pollutants with a possible breakdown of the hydrocarbons and oils thus making them soluble. Some heavy metals may also be partially neutralized by humic compounds and some industrial wastes containing heavy metals may be remediated. Wastewater pollution and toxic pollutants in water may also be neutralized in part by humic compounds in that humic compounds have the ability to absorb and decompose certain compounds and wastewater pollution may be lessened.